Yardbirds, set to tour in the New Year


New York, NY—The Yardbirds, the band that spearheaded the British Blues Boom of the 1960s, the band that brought the world Eric Clapton in 1963, Jeff Beck in 1965 and Jimmy Page in 1966 (who played in the band with Beck for four months), the band that continues to inspire artists worldwide, will tour the Northeast starting February 1 in Buffalo, New York.

The lineup includes critically-acclaimed original drummer/composer Jim McCarty, guitarist Ben King, who has garnered a reputation as one of hottest, most tasteful young guitar players around, bassist David Smale (a much-respected and admired UK-based musician) and vocalist Andy Mitchell, whose sound is straight out of the mid-‘50s Chicago school of blues. Chris Dreja, guitarist and co-founder, is recuperating at home after a recent illness and regrets that he won’t be able to be a part of this short tour. He thanks all his fans for their good wishes and looks forward to seeing them again when he re-joins the band later in the year for a more extensive tour. 

Known as much for their strict allegiance to the blues as for their international chart-topping hit For Your Love,” The Yardbirds have never lost their drive and jet-propelled beat, due mainly to Mr. McCarty. Their Train Kept A’ Rollin' inspired Aerosmith to tackle the same song. Their early forays into heavy rock inspired Page to form his own band, originally named The New Yardbirds, but ultimately named Led Zeppelin.

The Yardbirds, electrifying, eclectic and way ahead of their time, melded heavy rock, wild jams, and an improvisatory feel, and continue to influence generations of bands. Go to a Yardbirds show and you'll find crowds filled with 20-somethings to baby boomers all thrilling to this band's legendary power.  Watching The Yardbirds in action is experiencing rock’n’roll.
Dates & Venues on the 'Gigs' page.

Russ Garrett



   Dear Yardbirds Fan,
A quick update on the upcoming ZepFest2011. As I told you last time The Yardbirds will be appearing all three days of the festival over the Memorial Day Week-End. (Washington, DC) Check out www.zepfest2011.com for more info.
 I can now tell you that there is a very good chance that The Yardbirds will be recorded live at the festival and that the 'Instant Live Album' will be available for sale on Day 3. This is the 'plan' at any rate. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
In the mean time if you havent bought your copy of the newly remastered Little Games album with Jimmy Page yet it is time to head on over to www.yardbirds.us and do so. You'll hear streaming audio of the album while you look around on the site.

Hope to see you this Memorial Day Week-End.

Russ Garrett
Under Assitant East Coast Promo Man.


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